12 Best Matte Foundations for Faking Smooth Skin Posted on 27 Feb 10:19

Fight shine and grease with these long-lasting formulas.


As someone with super oily skin, matte foundation always wins. As much as I like the healthy-looking glow of more dewy formulas, my chin and T-Zone look slick and shiny by noon if I attempt to wear them. I prefer not having to blot or pile on face powder every hour. With the right matte foundation, I don't need much touch-up. Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, who has worked with Ashley Graham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, would like to add that with matte foundations, how you prep your skin beforehand is everything.


"If you're oily and using a matte foundation, use a gel moisturizer. If you're dry and using a matte foundation use a richer, creamy moisturizer," she says. Exfoliation is also key for creating a base: "Make sure not to leave any dry skin texture visible. Use a peel pad or physical exfoliator, or a flannel and cleansing balm is sometimes enough."


As far as application goes, Hughes recommends putting foundation first on the T-Zone then spreading it outwards as opposed to going from the outside in. "Applying matte foundation in the contours of the face, where we've got natural hollows and shadows, loses all the dimension in your face. You can build to canceling out those shadows but start in the T-Zone for sure," Hughes explains.


Her favorite matte formulas have "satiny velvetness that doesn't look dry and powdery." Seek out something that doesn't immediately cement to your skin and instead can glide (versus puling from dryness). Another tip? "Apply it with a small brush. I think it gives you the control. I think using a Beautyblender with a matte foundation is always good because it's going to make it not look as flat."


Now that you've got all the pro tips, keep scrolling for matte foundations that will make your skin look completely flawless. 

Like the product name suggests, your skin will look airbrushed with just a few pumps of this skin-perfecting foundation for those center stage moments in your life. It's sweat-proof, humidity-proof, and transfer resistant so you won't need to worry on it getting all over your clothes (or others') on a night out.
No caking. No fading mid-day. This matte foundation is built to last through your longest days (a full 24 hours, actually) and can cover up even the deepest of dark circles (with zero creasing). Whether you want spot coverage or a full face of foundation, this blends seamlessly with your skin.
I have never fallen as hard for a foundation as I have for this one. Its unique texture—solid, but creamy, full-coverage but skin-like and totally feather-light, is the best matte formula I've tried in years. It comes with a brush for buffing into your imperfections (for me, that's redness on my nose and cheeks and acne scars on my chin) and it makes them disappear with zero caking-on.
I went to Paris in the summer during a heatwave—temperatures hovered around 100 degrees for a week—and this foundation saved me from looking like a sweaty, sticky mess. It is medium to full coverage, so I just kept it in my purse to nix shine and redness on the spot. The last thing you want to do in heat is wear anything on your face, but I didn't even feel this powder one bit.
You can count on mega influencer Huda Kattan to come up with a foundation that is like a hard "reset" on your skin tone. Like spackle, (but way more comfortable), this truly full coverage foundation gets rid of any and all uneven color or texture on your skin without drying it out.

You already know about Rihanna's foundation—yes, it really is that good. Just think: If it can withstand Rih's performances under stage lights or the hot flashes of a red carpet, it can withstand anything life throws at you.
I'd be remiss to not mention the OG of matte foundations from Estée Lauder. There's a reason this cult-fave has had so much longevity. It not only stays put for up to 24 hours, sopping up any oil on your skin throughout the day, but also gives a soft-focus finish to your skin.
This classic drugstore is a favorite for those with acne (including yours truly) for its masterful way of covering up redness, spots, and scars from zits past. It's also more of a demi-matte finish, which reads more natural-looking than a more heavy-duty matte formula.
Perfect for travel, this vegan and waterproof formula is highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. The unique rectangular shape also allows for more precision and getting to those nooks on the face (like around the nose or corners of the eyes) so you don't miss a spot.
When all else fails, I always come back to this stick foundation. It is matte, with just the right hint of dewiness. It goes on silky-smooth and blends like a dream. I always wear it for big event nights, and when I look back at photos look like I'm glowing (not greasy!).
For the laziest among us (*raises hand*), this do-it-all foundation will be your saving grace. Who has time to prep, conceal, apply, and set? Get it all done at once with this sunscreen-foundation that feels like moisturizer but gives full coverage.
Few beauty brands have as much pro cred as MAC, and this stick foundation is no exception. Get a few shades lighter and deeper than your own to have them double as concealers and contour sticks.

WHAT, Dollar General Has It's Own Make Up Line!?! And It's Going Viral For A Very Good Reason Posted on 21 Aug 00:00

It's no secret that drugstore beauty is getting really good, with lines like Wet n' Wild, bliss, Physicians Formula, Versus, Olay, and more competing with the best of them. Dollar General's Believe Beauty line is the newest such brand to garner major buzz for both its affordability and insane product range. If you haven't heard of it yet then you're in for a treat because it's got everything you'll need to completely restock your makeup bag and bathroom counters. From face wipes and setting spray to nail polish and eyeshadow palettes, it truly is a comprehensive brand. The best part? Every single thing is under $5. Told you it was affordable.

It's entirely understandable that the buzz is starting to build. Every single product in the collection — over 140 items — is $5 or less. That includes eye shadow palettes, loose powder, lipstick, tinted moisturizer, contour sticks, false lashes, makeup brushes, and so much more, with some items like nail polish priced as low as $2.50.

As reported by Allure, Believe Beauty is starting to pick up major momentum thanks to the fact that beauty vloggers the likes of Juicy Jas, Emily Noel, and Kelly Strack have been singing its praises on their channels. And as pointed out by CNN, the hashtag #believebeauty is trending on Instagram, having been used within more than 3,000 posts. While the brand's own Instagram page currently has 4,480 followers, there's no doubt that's about to increase.

You can shop Believe Beauty's full product range at any Dollar General store (they're in 44 states) or view and shop about half of its offerings online at

Will you be trying out some of these products for yourself?

Burberry’s Her Blossom Fragrance Is Perfect For People Who Love A Light Scent Year-Round Posted on 14 Aug 00:00

While some perfumes are well-suited for a certain season, there are others that possess the ability to work year-round. And if you're in the market for a seasonless scent, Burberry's new Her Blossom fragrance may be just what you're looking for. A light blend of fruity and floral notes, the iconic British brand's latest fragrance is one you'll find you can easily spritz on all 365 days of the year.

Available in three sizes as well as in a travel-friendly rollerball, Her Blossom's 100-milliliter bottle (the largest of the group) rings in for $109. And, while the scent was created to capture the renewed energy and blossoms of London in the spring, it remains delicate enough to seamlessly transition into summer and fall as well as winter, too.

"Burberry Her Eau de Toilette was inspired by London's parks in spring," said master perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, in a press release from the brand. "The combination of plum blossoms, citrus notes, and delicate peony petals create an unexpected floral breeze, and the addition of creamy sandalwood and hints of musk combine in this alluring and enveloping signature of delicate femininity."

When you first apply this perfume, you'll be greeted with bright notes of mandarin and pink peppercorn that'll unfold into the heart of the fragrance — refreshing, flowery notes of plum blossom and peony. Lingering base notes of sandalwood and musk round out the key components in this scent, adding both depth and warmth to its aroma.

The fragrance is brought to life in a campaign starring Cara Delevingne, which beautifully captures her experiencing the flora and fauna of London in the sunshine. As for the packaging? The perfume is housed in an updated archival design that features a white cap to represent the blossom trees. On top of that, the stylishly understated 100-milliliter bottle can be personalized with engraved initials on a gold charm for no additional charge — a luxe touch that's sure to make it sparkle on your vanity.

Continue on to see and shop this fresh fragrance from Burberry to wear now and later — it may just become your new signature scent.

Fenty Beauty Is Finally Launching a Foundation For Dry Skin Posted on 7 Aug 00:00

Fenty Beauty's first product—the Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation—was groundbreaking not only because of the impressive shade range but also because of the formula. Once applied, the foundation does not budge for hours, even on the those with super-oily skin. But if you have dry skin, you probably think the formula is too mattifying, as it has a tendency to emphasize dry patches and fine lines.

Fear not—Rihanna always has your back, no matter your skin type. "Y’all know @badgalriri had to look out for the Fenty Beauties with dry skin! It was important for #Rihanna to develop the perfect formula to keep you fly without the dry in a flawless natural finish," the brand wrote in an Instagram caption announcing the latest Fenty Beauty drop: the Pro Filt'r Hydrating Foundation.

Fenty Beauty will drop the new Hydrating Foundation on August 15 at all Sephora locations and on, as well as at Harvey Nichols and Boots internationally. It's going to be available in the same 50 shades as the original foundation, so you should be able to find your perfect match right away—no guessing required.

Fans of Fenty Beauty have been calling for a hydrating foundation since the brand's launch. The Fenty effect brought a ton of mattifying foundations to the beauty landscape in the years that followed. The tide has been turning in recent months, and beauty fans have been asking for foundations with a lighter, dewier, light-reflective finish—matte foundations are bountiful, but dewy ones are not. The new Pro Filt'r Hydrating Foundation promises to fill that void.

Take a look at all the shades below:

How to Grow Strong Nails Naturally Posted on 30 Jul 00:00

Strong, polished nails are a timeless way to look put together! Growing long, strong nails is totally possible, but if you weren’t blessed with the genes that grow beautiful nails effortlessly, it can be a process. Want to learn how to grow strong nails naturally? If you’re ready to wave hello to long, pretty nails, keep reading for a few of our favorite tips!

Flex your file game: Just like your hair, your nails need a trim from time to time to stay looking their best! When you do reach for your nail file, make sure you’re trimming them correctly! Instead of sawing back and forth with abandon, take your time and file each nail the same direction with care. This tutorial by Cosmopolitan has helpful GIFs to demonstrate the ideal filing motion for preventing nail breakage.

Curb the biting: If you’re a nail biter, (no shame! about 20% of adults bite their nails) you already know how hard it is to grow your nails long. You’ll need to stop chomping on your talons if you want to grow them out! If the source of your habit is idle hands, try keeping a stress ball or something to fidget with in your bag to keep your hands busy.

Pass the snacks – Healthy snacks, that is. What you eat plays a huge role in your overall wellness, so of course, it affects your nail health too! Foods that are high in protein, zinc, iron, and biotin have been shown to increase the speed nails grow at and how strong they are. If you find yourself wanting to munch on something salty or sweet, try making your own trail mix filled with protein and biotin-rich walnuts and peanuts, iron-boosting dried dates, dark chocolate, and pumpkin seeds for added zinc. The best part of trail mix is how versatile it is. If you get tired of one blend, mix it up for a fresh take. Yum!

Drink your water – By now, you already know water is basically the answer to everything. If your nails and cuticles are brittle or cracked, you may be dehydrated! If plain water doesn’t excite you, try infusing it with fruit and herbs for added flavor and nutrients! Cute fun tip: Staying hydrated is easier when you have a  cute, reusable water bottle to tote around!

Hydrate on the outside – Keeping your cuticles moisturized is essential for nail health! If you’re prone to dry, chapped cuticles and hangnails, treat yourself to a luxurious cuticle oil. You can stash a cute little rollerball in your bag or at your desk for easy application.

Pamper sesh – Treat your fingers to a manicure! Regular manicures can help your nails maintain a polished shape and overall appearance, so keeping your claws maintained is totally worth including in your self-care routine. If flashy colors aren’t your thing, opt for a clear gel manicure! Gel polish acts as kind of a splint for your nails, so they have less of a chance of breaking off while you’re growing them out!

Do you have any finger tips we missed? 

How-To Shape Your Eyebrows in 5 Simple Steps Posted on 23 Jul 00:00

Say goodbye to over-plucking forever with this latest how to blog! Beautifully-shaped eyebrows create a frame for the face, and keeping them on point is an integral part of your beauty routine. Eyebrows help create your unique look and, just like personalities, everyone’s are different. There are absolutely no eyebrows that are identical–this includes your own. While it’s super tricky to get both of your eyebrows looking around the same shape. After a ton of research and countless trial and error practice on myself (LoL), I created this how-to to help you out.

According to makeup artist, Christi Harris, “It’s really about remembering three key steps: design, define, and diffuse.”

Here’s how to shape your eyebrows:

  1. Work with what you have. You can remove hair, or use an eyebrow pencil or brow filler to make them look fuller, but you can’t instantly grow them.
  2. Know where your eyebrows should start. Draw an invisible line from the outer sides of your nostril to your brows. This is where your brows should begin to help you start shaping your eyebrows the right way.
  3. Determine where your arch should begin. Take the eye pencil and start at the end of your nose and line it up to the point above your iris. It is up to your discretion as to how tall you would like your arch. Don’t go too high, you don’t want to always look surprised.
  4. Find where your tail should end. Start at your nose again and line up the end of your eye. Everyone’s eyes differ in size and this is one of the many reasons why no two people have the same shaped brows.
  5. Trim if needed. This is a great way to get rid of bushy eyebrows without tweezing. Brush your eyebrows straight up and trim whatever hairs are coming out of your natural shape. If there are any uneven spaces, then just fill in with an eyebrow pencil until more hair grows.

Important note: One bad pluck and the hair is gone forever. SO BE CAREFUL!

Happy Shaping!


No-Melt Summer Makeup Posted on 16 Jul 00:00

As things heat up this summer, don’t let your look melt down. Keep your face in place no matter what the thermostat reads with these easy no-melt summer makeup tips!

Prep, Moisturize, and Prime!

Melt-proof makeup starts with a good base! Cleanse your skin thoroughly with a gentle face wash. This will start you with fresh, oil-free skin. Next, moisturize – when your skin is moisturized, it is less likely to produce as much makeup melting oil that can ruin your look. I recommend a moisturizer that has a SPF in it. Yes, SPF is essential for all skin tones. It helps maintain healthy skin throughout your entire life, so get it in wherever you can to keep your complexion in top condition for years to come. After cleansing and moisturizing, it’s prime time! A primer helps keeps your makeup in place and is a key in this sweat proof makeup tutorial. Think of primer as the glue that keeps all the makeup in place – the foundation of your building before your base even touches your face – basically, what I'm trying to say is it’s crucial, so don’t skimp here. I personally love Pore & Shine Control Primer from Nars, as it is specifically formulated for shine free, poreless skin.

The Base!

During hot, hot summer months, I find ourselves reaching for a CC or BB cream rather than a thick, heavy foundation. The lighter the product sits on your face, the more comfortable it is going to wear in the heat. BB creams are very light on the skin making them less prone to slide off as the temp hits triple digits. Think of it this way- in the heat would you rather have a heavy, velvet dress on, or a light, airy one? Same concept applies to your face makeup! (Your BB cream is also a great place to sneak in more SPF!) This particular BB cream by Smashbox has SPF 35 and a radiant finish that feels luxe on your skin, offering just enough coverage to smooth out imperfections. Can’t get much better than that!

Next, you will want to set your face. This step is crucial in the no-melt makeup game. Setting the BB or CC cream will give it staying power and shine control. During the summer months I tend to op for a powder setting product versus a spray, liquid one. The goal here is to absorb oil and shine and powders do just that, but the key is you want to find one that is going to lightly absorb oil as it is produced during the day, instead of caking up and getting splotchy. My top pick that strikes the right balance? Try this Translucent Loose Setting Powder by Laura Mercier. Apply it with a big fluffy brush all over the face, concentrating on the areas where you get the most unwanted shine.  

Add Some Color!

Now that you have a flawless, melt-proof base, it’s time to add some color! This time of year, I don’t want to commit to a full contour, highlight, and baking process. Keep things easy and beachy by choosing products like Glossier Cloud Paint. With a cream blush like Cloud Paint you can just dab it on with your fingers and go – no tools required! Another benefit to choosing a product like this is as the day wears on and you feel your makeup slipping, it’s easy to re-blend back into place with just your fingers. Since we are keeping the rest of the look very low-key, blush is going to be where you get to add your own touch of personality to the look, so don’t be afraid to go bright – that is what the summer look is all about.

Final Touches!

Keep things simple! Mid-summer heat doesn’t play well with a full smokey eye and winged eyeliner. Try a super bright highlighter to add a little luxe to your look, and apply to the high points of your face – think cheekbones, cupids bow, nose, even collar bones – anywhere you want to glow. Swipe on a brow gel and a water-proof mascara and you are good to go. If you’re feeling shiny, try applying another light layer of setting powder and don’t forget to throw a pack of blotting papers into your purse! Pro tip: toilet seat covers work super well in a pinch if you run out of blotting papers on the go. Weird, but effective LOL!

Do you have any sweat proof makeup tips we missed?

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine–and Instantly Improve Your Everyday Posted on 9 Jul 00:00

If getting up in the morning is getting you down, it may be time for a change. The main difference between morning people and everyone else is a healthy morning routine. People who love daybreak tend to be those who have established satisfying rituals that make mornings the highlight of the day. Regardless of what speed you move at in the ante meridium — Latin for “before midday” — here are seven morning-routine tips that will upgrade your a.m.–and inspire you to change the way you start your day.

1. Put It on Paper

Begin your day with a pen and paper, writing down your to-do list, your goals, and your thoughts. Using a journal can help you make this a standard feature of each morning. Once you make it a habit, your day will feel incomplete without it. This simple but profound act also has the potential to change your life: Writing down your goals and objectives each morning helps you focus your day around what is most vital to your success and wellbeing.

2. Drink Lemon Water

Before you reach for the coffee pot, pour yourself a glass of water (preferably hot or warm) and squeeze half a lemon into it. Lemon water is a great way to give your body a boost instead of bombarding it with caffeine first thing. Drinking lemon water every day will improve your immune function, give you clearer skin, and reduce inflammation. An added bonus? It also helps freshen your breath. Added hydration means your body will thank you all day long.

3. Listen to Uplifting Music

Whether you’re blasting Beyoncé or rocking the Rachmaninoff, listening to music is a fantastic way to set the tone for your day. Combined with some physical activity (tip No. 4), your day will kick off with you as an unstoppable force.

4. Get Your Body Moving

A mere 15 minutes of yoga or qi-gong is enough to get your joints lubricated, increase your body’s limberness, and charge up your energy levels before breakfast. Use an online tutorial to help get started, but once you’ve made movement a part of your morning, you’ll be able to get your groove on anywhere, from memory.

5. Get a Dose of Knowledge

Instead of scrolling on social media, start your day with some serious knowledge. Listening to audiobooks on topics that interest you can help you learn as you go through your morning routine. Apps like Blinkist help you absorb the key highlights from educational books in short snippets. You can also listen to podcasts that you’ve selected in advance to help you learn something new while you get your day started.

6. Plan Your Wardrobe in Advance

Remember when Mom laid your outfits for tomorrow out the night before? Well, she was onto something: You can save a lot of time with this one simple morning hack. Rather than going through the hassle of assembling the perfect look, have it waiting when you wake up. You know if you have an important meeting or a casual work lunch scheduled, so you can determine the best look the night before–and wake up ready.

7. Simplify Your Makeup Routine

No matter what your morning makeup routine is, you can always streamline it a little. Start with expiration dates and downsize your stash: Mascara and liquid eyeliner are good for three months, cream eyeshadow for six months. Lipsticks and lipgloss will last up to two years. Separate your daily-use cosmetics from your ‘special occasion’ ones, so you have just the basics at your disposal each morning. If you find yourself using more than one product to do the same thing (like using a lipstick seal), chances are you’re not using high-quality products. Better makeup products cost more, but they pay off by saving you time.

If you can implement even one little change to improve your morning routine, you will change the flow of your day for the better. Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

What’s your tip for a healthy morning routine? 

10 Solo Date Ideas in the Name of Self-Care Posted on 2 Jul 00:00

Have you ever taken yourself on a date? I don’t mean just catching a matinee alone every once in a while—but intentionally hanging out with y-o-u, just for the thrill of it. Loving your own company is a crucial part of self-care, no matter whether you’re single or paired up. Why? Dating yourself not only helps you develop the self-confidence that’s so important to bring to a relationship with someone else; it’s also super fun to be your own dream date!

But there’s a big difference between getting out there and actually enjoying the solitude–and getting out there and feeling weird about being alone. The key is to quickly push past any awkwardness and learn to soak up your solo time. Skip the whole “table for one” cheesiness and instead challenge yourself to try an experience that’ll keep you busy doing things—and will totally make your solo mission way more exciting.

Fill in your calendar with these solo date ideas, ASAP.

  1. Find a plant workshop: Green thumbs don’t grow on trees. Scope out a plant care event at a flower shop near you or find an online offering, where you can learn all about propagation techniques, terrarium building, and succulent care, then test your knowledge by picking up a few new plant friends to bring home.
  2. Go to a gallery opening: You’ll get to scope out a new exhibition with a glass of wine in hand, plus gain a different perspective or learn about a new artistic technique. Bonus points if there’s an artist talk or curator talk planned, but either way, use this chance to figure out what kind of art speaks to you. 
  3. Sign up for a cooking class: Maybe you’re already packing chef-level knife skills or maybe you can barely boil water, but there’s always something new to learn in the kitchen—and you’ll be surrounded by like-minded foodies. Find a cooking school or restaurant near you that offers in-person classes, then sign up for something that’s a little outside your comfort zone—giving you a chance to really get your hands dirty (who knew kneading bread dough could be so therapeutic?!).
  4. Go to a poetry reading: Local bookshops are great places to scout out interesting events—chat up an author, listen to a reading and fall in love with the next great novel.
  5. Try horseback riding: Hop in the saddle and hit the trail: There’s something incredibly soothing about a rhythmic trot into the woods. Whether you’re a novice rider or a seasoned pro, a little QT in the great outdoors with one of these majestic creatures will be good for the soul. Scope out trail rides in your area or plan a bigger trip through, which offers U.S. and international horseback riding trips for all skill levels. (Galloping down the beach in Morocco? The stuff of dreams.)
  6. Take a new fitness class:  Boxing or SUP yoga, anyone? If you’re up for a challenge, jump on a new fitness trend that’s bound to bring major benefits. After all, the best workouts are the ones where you have the most fun but still break a sweat. Who knows, you might just spark a new regular routine!
  7. Set off on a mini road trip: You know that museum out in the country you’ve been meaning to check out? That cute winery with the perfect selfie spots? Dating yourself means you can just get up and go. Pick a Saturday, queue up a podcast, and hit the road.
  8. Go vintage shopping: Spend hours wandering around thrift shops and antique stores in search of the perfect crocheted crop top or mid-century modern end table. You’ll uncover some weird finds and come home with a cool collection of things that feel decidedly you.
  9. Take a hike: There’s a reason forest bathing is a thing: Research shows that time spent in the woods can work wonders for anxiety and stress levels. Lace up your hiking boots, bring some water (and a charged phone, JIC), and hit the trail for some meditative moments among the trees.
  10. Get room service: Book a cute boutique hotel in your neighborhood and set up your own luxe night in, complete with room service and a cozy robe. Snuggle up with a good book, a great cheeseburger and a classic movie, then lights out for some sweet dreams in a super fluffy bed. Bliss!
What’re your favorite ideas for dating yourself? Tell us we would love to hear from you!



"Strawberry Legs" Are Exactly What They Sound Like, and I Found a Solution Posted on 25 Jun 00:00

Do you ever notice dark spots on your legs after you shave? Turns out they're small, open holes in your legs that can hold oil, dirt, or bacteria after shaving. Don't worry though — they're totally normal and easy to prevent. These open holes can lead to "strawberry legs," or legs with dark spots on them. 


Improper shaving can lead to ingrown hairs.  It can also cause what looks like dark dots on the skin that are often referred to as strawberry legs or dark pores. Sometimes mistaken as dirt, these dark dots resemble the spots on the skin of strawberries (hence the informal description) and are more noticeable on some people than others.

So, Why Do They Appear Dark or Black?

The dark spots or pores are actually open comedones, a dark semisolid plug of oxidized debris. These open comedones can have excess oil, dirt, or bacteria trapped inside. The blockage of sebum, debris, or bacteria mixes with air and melanin, and the reaction causes the opening to appear dark or black. 

It's All in Your Shaving

First: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Regular exfoliation helps keep these dark pores at bay, and so do proper shaving methods, shaving tools, and a good skin care regimen. It's recommended to exfoliate your legs on a regular basis with a body scrub that polishes away dead skin cells. One of my favorite body scrubs is the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Polish because it gently scrubs away dead skin and leaves your skin feeling soft. 

Since the appearance of dark pores might be because of your shaving technique, the first thing to do is to make sure that you are properly shaving your legs to avoid getting strawberry legs.

Perfecting Your Technique

Preventing strawberry legs actually starts a day or two before you shave. To help exfoliate, vigorously brush legs with a soft dry brush with circular motions prior to your bath or shower. Then, soak skin in warm water for 5-10 minutes before you shave to open skin pores and hair follicles, draw out impurities, and loosen dead skin cells trapped inside the pores.

When You're Actually Shaving

  • Shave during or after a warm shower when pores are larger
  • Use a good razor—one that will not require you to use a lot of pressure as you shave and that provides a closer shave without causing the hair to snap back and cause ingrown hairs. I would recommend Billie razors or the Oui Shave razors.
  • Make sure that your razor blades are sharp. Dull blades drag against the skin and increase the chance of the hair curling back into the skin causing razor bumps or ingrown hairs.
  • Apply an aloe-based or moisturizing shaving cream or gel, following the direction of your hair growth. Next, gently shave in direction of hair growth. Avoid passing over the same area too many times, which will irritate the skin. Also be careful not to stretch your skin tight while shaving.
  • After shaving, splash with cold water to close your pores and hair follicles.
  • Pat your skin dry. Rubbing can irritate your skin. Apply a fragrance-free cream or moisturizer or a lotion made for aftershave to reduce irritation. Some people prefer using a post-shave oil, too, like the Fur Ingrown Concentrate. Let the moisturizer absorb into the skin.

If the problem persists, you can try these additional steps to get rid of dark pores on the legs, or switch to a different hair removal method, like waxing or even laser hair removal. 



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